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Nueva Vida is a critical ministry of Evangel Church, serving the Latino population of Holton and Jackson County.  The primary focus is on the Guatemalan population of our area.  Pastor Hector Sanchez leads the congregation, and through his loving-kindness, the dedication of dozens of volunteers, and faithful partner churches, Nueva Vida is a vital and growing ministry. 

Saturday/Sábado 6:00 p.m.

Our Nueva Vida Service is a servicio en Espanol where we worship God together in the same spirit but in different languages, Spanish, Quiche, and English.  With powerful preaching from the Word of God, this Saturday night worship is a place where everyone is welcome. We meet Saturdays 6:00 p.m. in the sanctuary, led by Pastor Hector Sanchez. 

Nueva Vida after school 2023.jpg

Nueva Vida Ministry

Social Services:

  • Assist the Latino community with health appointments

  • Host Community Resource Fair

  • Translation Services for the Court System, Health Care, immigration services

  • Assit with accessing community resources

  • Work closely with schools to get the best education for students

Growth Opportunities

  • Tutoring Program for School Children 2 days a week

  • Bi-lingual Bible Studies

  • Guitar Lessons

  • English Classes

  • Teach about basic government procedures and requirements (licenses, building permits, etc.)

  • Work with parents on better communication


  • Fiesta Project -We will bring Nueva Vida to your church for learning and for fund raising.  Contact for more information.

If you are interested in partnering with Nueva Vida and Evangel for this ministry, we can bring a Fiesta to you.  Please contact Gladis at or

 for more information.

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